A second aid team of emergency operations specialists left today for New York. The team will be helping Hurricane Sandy victims in Brooklyn, NY.

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The team includes personnel from the Maine Air and Army National Guard, the Departments of Public Safety and Transportation, and the Maine Emergency Management Agency as well as a local Fire Chief and private sector energy expert.

"Maine is fortunate to have not had suffered the damage our neighboring states have. We have the ability to help our fellow Americans in a time of need and we will do just that," said Governor LePage. "Our teams are well-equipped to help and will provide much needed support during this recovery. I wish them safe travels as they head to New York."

The New York state government requested the aid through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact and Maine’s governor approved the request last Thursday. The team is expected to work around the clock - 20 hours long shifts. But team members are glad they can help.

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"I am excited to go. I know that the experience our diverse team brings will assist the citizens of New York in recovering as quickly as possible," said Bruce Fitzgerald, deputy director of MEMA and team leader for the deployment.