Dear Ma Nature,

If you were trying to make a statement, you've done a great job. Okay, we're reminded that you wield great power. Your reach is long and your influence is vast. But, speaking of power, could you stop knocking it out?

Tens of thousands of Mainers were left in the dark and cold overnight because of the winds and wet, heavy snow that you delivered. And many of them are still shivering in their homes, wishing for nothing more than a cup of coffee and a hot shower. We know that Halloween is over, but you couldn't have eased us into winter? Maybe a few inches of that fluffy white powder that billows around your feet when you walk?

But no, you had to dump enough of the stuff so that we were forced to wade through snow that reached over our knees to get to our cars this morning. Mainers are wearing baseball caps to cover the hair they couldn't wash, or heading to the gym to use the showers. Eating peanut butter sandwiches and flushing their toilets with buckets of water.

We understand that you've had a rough time, Mother Nature. We've damaged your ozone layer with our fossil fuels. But could you, maybe, give us enough of a break so that we can dig out, get our power restored, and let the utility crews and plow truck drivers rest before hitting us with another nor'easter? We'd sure appreciate it!


Cold and Crabby Mainers