Remember the discount store, Zayre? They were all over Maine - including Presque Isle, Madawaska, and Bangor. These pictures and videos will bring back some memories.

There's a great website called,, with some classic Zayre commercials - including a Batman and Robin ad. If you remember the TV ads, Zayre was known to have celebrities pitch for them.

Zayre had many locations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Maine was a big market with up to 13 stores. Many will remember the store on North Street in Presque Isle. Madawaska and Bangor had stores too.

The 1960's was a watershed decade for Zayre - they become so big, they started trading on the New York Stock Exchange. In the '70's, they expanded their lines and stores, but by the late 80's, they sold to Ames.

What a flashback. Tell us your memories of Zayre - and please include pictures if you have any. Comment below and on our Facebook and Twitter.