Just in case you were one of those that slept through history class - the state of Maine possess a cornucopia of unique culture blended with a substantial contribution to American history, making it one of the most beautiful and influential states in the nation – regardless of those nasty winters!

Without Maine, Surf n’ Turf would be a lot harder to come by (at least the Surf), Stephen King would have no place to live, and we’d always have food caught between out teeth. So in the spirit of useless knowledge, we have assembled a small list of fun facts about Maine for you to annoy your friends and coworkers with.

Here’s to starting the day off a little wiser and with fewer friends.

  • Maine is the only state in the United States to only border with one other state. Incidentally, it is the only state in the nation with a one syllable name.
  • Aroostook County covers approximately 6,453 miles, which is larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.
  • Maine is responsible for supplying 90 percent of the nation’s lobster supply – about 40 million pounds.
  • Maine is the largest producer of blueberries in the nation – 99 percent of the country’s supply.
  • In 1832, Portland was selected as a temporary state capital before it was relocated to Augusta.
  • Nearly all of the nation’s toothpicks are produced in Maine – 90 percent.
  • Maine’s official state insect is the honeybee