I don't know about you, but 2013 has been a crazy year. I can only image what 2014 will bring. What do you think 2014 has in store for us?


One thing I enjoy doing at the end of the year is making predictions for the next. Let's all put our Nostradamus pants on and get prophesying.

Josh's predictions for 2014:

1) Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Kanye West will form their own music group and as a result a black hole will rip the earth in two sending all life spinning into outer space.

2) The NSA will require all Americans to provide housing for an agent. They'll stand behind you and stare while you brush your teeth. They'll take notes about how you sip your morning coffee and tuck your kids into bed at night. This will eventually seem normal.

3) Since Breaking Bad has ended, Hollywood will finally realize the barren waste land it has become and stop making movies and TV. Our only source of visual entertainment will be Vine.

4) Presque Isle will finally become an island and will no longer require 'Presque' in its name.

5) Canada will make first contact with extraterrestrials. We will call them Canaliens.

Vote for what you think might happen in 2014 or give us your very own predictions below.