Bird hunting season kicked off this morning here in Aroostook County. Are you ready for some heater hunting? If you are looking to go bird hunting, you're in luck... There are plenty of birds around!

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

According to Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife biologist Rich Hoppe, “All indications in our area is that the grouse season should be good to excellent. I’ve been talking with sportsman, and most people have been seeing a lot of birds.”

Hoppe said that with the great spring and summer, survivorship has been high, there have been good numbers of broods, and by all indications, there is not as much mortality as years passed.

Northern Maine is increasingly becoming a destination for bird hunters from throughout the northeast and beyond. Sporting camps are becoming increasingly filled during the month of October.

As far as waterfowl, Hoppe added that he’s seen more ducks than normal for this time of year, and it has been great weather. While there aren’t a lot of waterfowl hunters in the region, it is a great destination for waterfowl hunters, for those who do come north find a lot of success.

Have you got your hunting spot all picked out?