If you saw some suspicious activity on North Street in Presque Isle today, don't be alarmed. Four different community organizations have come together for an emergency preparedness drill today in Presque Isle.

Jolene Wallace - TSM

Activity began shortly after 6:00 a.m. at TAMC’s North Street Healthcare Plaza, specifically the area in and around Family Practice and Internal Medicine.  The active part of the drill was over by 8:00 a.m., before patients were scheduled to be seen for the day.  During the drill, a large contingent of emergency vehicles and first responders were visible in and around the North Street complex.

Jolene Wallace - TSM

The exercise is a collaborative effort of TAMC, the City of Presque Isle, the EMHS Center for Emergency Preparedness, the Northeastern Maine Regional Resource Center, and several local and regional first responders.  It was planned to test procedures and protocols and enhance the community’s ability to respond and recover from an active shooter event.

A planning team comprised of two dozen representatives of various area first responder organizations and the healthcare community have met over the past few months to plan the drill.

The active shooter drill at North Street Healthcare was followed by a debriefing with those involved in the exercise, including those participating and responding on-site, as well as those “treating” the “victims”.